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Kenwood KMB-35AE Laadbak
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Kenwood KMB-35AE Laadbak

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Compacte laadbak voor montage van 6 x KSC-35se lader. Incl. ingebouwde 220V voeding en kabel

The newest replacement for the KMB-35E is this KMB-35AE

Supported charger: KSC-35S (not for the KSC-35)

The KMB-35AE multi charger adapter has a built in switching power supply,with 6 DC plugs supplying the 6 installed KSC-35S charger pockets. This allows you to charge a fleet of up to 6 radios at once.

Simply connect your existing KSC-35S charger base into the KMB-35AE housing to save space and use less power outlets.

Note The KMB-35AE is supplied without charger pockets!

The KSC-35SCRE are sold separately. Installation of the charger pockets into the KMB-35AE is a dealer-customer operation.

The KSC-35SCR and the current KSC-35S charger pockets are equivalent products and can be used for the KMB-35AE.

For example, if you already have 6 units TK-3401DE or KSC-35S, you can use these KSC-35S’s charger pockets in the new KMB-35AE and so you don’t need to purchase additional charger pockets, KSC-35SCR.


  • B : 270,4 mm
  • H : 82,1 mm
  • D : 243,4mm

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