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Midland G11V PMR446 Portofoon C966.04
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Midland G11V PMR446 Portofoon C966.04

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PMR For Semi-Professional Use Complete With Desktop Charger And Battery Pack

MIDLAND G11V is the new version of G11 series. G11V is a ‘Semi-professional’ PMR446 transceiver, easy to use and compact, ideal to bring along. The innovation of G11V is the ‘voice announcement’, that announces the channel or the function you have just selected (in English, for example ‘channel 1’). This feature is useful since you do not need to look at the encoder while selecting a channel. The short antenna, the same used for G11-S, makes G11V extremely practical and easily wearable, while keeping its excellent performances and range. G11V is a tough device to use even in difficult conditions and is the ideal solution in working situations, such as security surveillance, etc: its robustness and reliability are ensured by its rugged mechanical frame and aluminum chassis; besides, all its features can be easily achieved by the lateral function keys. G11V operates on 16 channels (8 PMR446 + 8 pre-set) and, thanks to the optional programming software PRG-10, it is possible to manage and set some functions, such as the CTCSS tones, DCS codes, etc.


  • ?  PMR446 transceiver
  • ?  16 channels: 8 PMR446 + 8 pre-set
  • ?  Output power: 500mW
  • ?  Channel spacing: 12.5KHz
  • ?  Voice announcement
  • ?  VOX function
  • ?  Scan
  • ?  Keypad beep
  • ?  Roger beep
  • ?  Monitor
  • ?  Auto battery save

Package includes:

  • ?  1 G11V transceiver
  • ?  1 belt clip
  • ?  1 Li-Ion battery pack 1600mAh
  • ?  1 wall adaptor
  • ?  1 desktop charger
  • ?  Quick guide

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