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Albrecht AE-6690 Multi 12669
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Albrecht AE-6690 Multi 12669

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Multichannel CB-Radio for Europe with CTCSS-subcodes. 4 Watt FM & 1 Watt AM

Main features, Packaging and codes

•40 channels FM - 4 watt, 40 channels AM - 1 watt (programming 40-40 EU)

•80 channels FM - 4 watt, 40 channels AM - 1 watt (programming 80-40 DE)

•40 channels FM - 4 watt (programming 40 FM - factory setting Austria EC)

•40 channels FM - 4 watt, 40 channels AM - 4 watt (programming for Poland PO)

•40 channels FM - 4 watt, 40 channels AM - 4 watt (programming for Spain E)

•40 channels FM - 4 watt (programming 40 FM for UK UK)

•Channel selection rotary control on the radio and at the microphone (Up-Down)

•Big LCD Display for channel, frequency, status, Power and S-Meter, blue backlight

6-pin standard microphone socket, suitable also for amplifier microphones and data transmission systems

•Socket for external loudspeaker

•Socket for external S-Meter

•Selectable CTCTSS pilot tone with max. 48 possible codes

•1 programmable priority channel with dual watch and 3 free selectable memory channels

•EEPROM flash memory to save the last settings in case of power interruptions.

JBe Package: Albrecht AE6690: detachable DC power cable with looped-in fuse, Electret hand-held microphone with pre-amplifier and up - down buttons, microphone hanger, various screws to fasten the radio and microphone fixing devices

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