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Midland MA-46 C660
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Midland MA-46 C660

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Microphone-speaker for full helmet Driver Kit .

  • Motorcycle Rider Kit
  • Integral helmet
  • Full Duplex

Helmset met 2 platte plastic oordopjes, waterdicht aansluitingen, microfoon met windkapje, met waterdichte stuur schakeling.

The MA46 can be connected to any radio transceiver with two pin accessory plug, to talk to any other motorbike with the same equipment.

It is equipped with a waterproof PTT button, that can be applied to the handlebar using the supplied Velcro strap, thus enabling you to manually start radio transmission.

Rider to Pillion Intercom: if the transceiver is equipped with an extra “Intercom” plug (like Midland G8, Alan 456R, Alan860), it is possible to have a full duplex conversation.

To connect the Pillion to the radio with the MA46, use the BHS303 cable with any type of optional microphone/earphone: CHS300, OHS500, OHS550.

Rider and pillion communication is always open in Full Duplex.

Bike to Bike communication goes on by pressing the PTT button.

Compatible with: All Alan or Midland transceivers with 2 Pin jack (except for Midland G12, Alan 42)

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