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Kenwood TK-2000E VHF Portofoon
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Kenwood TK-2000E VHF Portofoon

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Incotech CT0017 & CT0010 50111

Midland MA-21LK C709.04

Diamond DEH-7K

JBE Transportkoffer High Quality 10

JBE Transportkoffer High Quality 5


VHF FM Portofoon incl. KNB-63 Accu & Lader & Beltclip & Antenne

Standaard geleverd met:

  • antenne
  • batterij
  • lader
  • riemclip
  • handleiding

Belangrijkste Eigenschappen

VHF FM Portofoon
16 kanalen
5 Watt RF zendvermogen
Internal VOX Function with 10 levels
QT en DQT signalering
Supplied with KRA-26M Antenna, KNB-63L Li-Ion Battery and KSC-35SE Rapid Battery Charger
Note - does not include any voice scrambler function, making it ideal for use in locations where scramblers are banned


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