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Tecsun S-8800 PLL World Band Receiver
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Tecsun S-8800 PLL World Band Receiver

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FM Stereo/LW/MW/SW SSB multiband reception

FM Stereo/LW/MW/SW SSB multiband reception

The Tecsun S-8800 High-Performance LW/MW/FM/SW Radio is a modren addition to the radio range.  Recognised as a “Broadcast Listeners Radio”, the Tecsun S-8800 High-Performance AM/FM/SW Radio has been designed to provide maximum performance on the MW band, allowing listeners to receive fringe AM radio stations with unmatched audio clarity. The receiver also covers the entire shortwave bands.

The most obvious new feature of the Tecsun S-8800 is the inclusion of an infrared remote control. Tecsun have included the infrared control for two reasons, first the use of remote control allows the Tecsun S-8800 to be positioned and orientated so that provides optimum reception, and second the so that all the Tecsun S-8800’s features can be conveniently controlled , including power, display (changing between frequency or time), memory (store or recall frequencies), tuning, VF/VM modes, scanning, mode (AM, FM (mono or stereo) USB or LSB, bands (AM, FM or shortwave, 9/10kHz setting for MW, AM bandwidth, and a keypad to allow direct entry of frequencies.

Tecsun have taken advantage of the recent developments in lithium-ion batteries with the Tecsun S-8800 utilising 18650 cells to provide a huge increase in the listening time on each charge. Tecsun’s use of the 18650 lithium-ion cells also does away with one of the criticisms of the earlier model that used expensive and difficult to find C and D cells.

The Tecsun S-8800 is not limited to AM reception, the Tecsun S-8800 also provides excellent performance on the FM and Shortwave (SW) bands including Single Side Band (SSB). The Tecsun S-8800 can be connected to an external antenna to provide increased performance on AM, FM, and Shortwave bands.

There is a myriad of other features offered by the Tecsun S-8800 including those found in most Tecsun radio such as a clock, timer, snooze, and alarms. In total 650 stations can be stored in memory across all bands (there are limits for each band) and recalled in real-time or at some time in the future. There is also the usual store, recall and delete memory functions as well as auto-sort handy for removing duplicate frequencies.

The Tecsun S-8800 offers frequency “browsing”, similar to the ETM function found on smaller portables like the Tecsun PL-310ET and Tecsun PL-365, as well as semi-automatic storage (the receiver stops when it finds a signal and you have 4 seconds to store it), and ATS (Auto Tuning Storage) where the receiver stores every signal it discovers. It is these operations where the use of the remote control makes the process much easier.

To prevent signal overload, the receiver has “DX/Local” switch.

Like all computer-driven receivers, things do sometimes get confused between operator and machine. To remedy this, there is a reset switch hidden under the main tuning knob. Pulling the knob off the shaft reveals this. A small pointed device is required, most users find a paper clip is suitable.

Available only in matt black.

The Tecsun S-8800 is supplied with:

  • Remote Control
  • USB Charging Cable
  • BNC Connector
  • 2 x 18650 Batteries
  • 2 x AAA batteries for Remote Control
  • USB cable
  • English Instruction Manual



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