Foutieve gebruikersnaam en/of wachtwoord.


Information for users of communication tools in The Netherlands.
The Alert icon on the equipment displayed in our JBE webshop, indicates that a license is required for using this equipment. For The Netherlands, the Agentschap Telecom (= Telecom Agency) is responsible for managing the radio frequency spectrum. This agency also checks whether the related set of rules is respected.

Rules of the game
Thanks to the appropriate equipment, you will prevent to cause malfunctions and avoid possible penalties after a control performed by the Agency. There are different possibilities at this matter, even without a license. For certain types of equipment, you do not need a license but you must respect certain rules of the game.

Usage with license
A license can be granted for cellular phone and/or mobile phone usage in the VHF- and UHF-frequencies, users in the maritime and aviation branch and licensed radio-amateurs. Requests for such a license can be addressed at the Agentschap Telecom. A license is only valid for usage in The Netherlands. In case of usage abroad, seperate licences need to be requested.

For more information, please contact us by phone at the number +31 (0)76-5212881, or email at For more information regarding requests for license, you can contact the customer service department of the Agentschap Telecom at the number +31 (0)050-5877444. You can also visit the Agentschap Telecom website