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Showtec Quick DMX D512 50051
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Showtec Quick DMX D512 50051

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Quick DMX D512 Interface 512 Channels

Quick DMX D512 USB Interface 512 Channels

• Metalen reisbestendige behuizing

• Indicatie LED's voor voeding en koppeling op voorpaneel

• Onbeperkt aantal verschillende fixtures

• Volledige 512 DMX-kanalen

• Thermische beveiliging op DMX-aarding

• Werkt met Mac en PC


De Interface "D512" maakt het mogelijk om onze software zonder enige beperking met 512 DMX-kanalen te gebruiken.

• Metalen behuizing

• 2 LED's op het frontpaneel (stroom en USB-verbinding)

• USB-verbinding met computer

• DMX-output voor verlichtingsapparatuur

• Thermische zekering op DMX-aarde

Deze interface kan een "dynamische" scene spelen voor 512 DMX-kanalen, zonder computer. 01-03-201301-03-2013

Quick DMX provides the ultimate solution for lighting control. It offers the possibility of direct control, from simple LED spots to the most complex moving light and pixel based fixtures, with a computer, the software and an interface. The computer is loaded with Quick DMX software to build and control the lighting show, by an interface via a USB port.


The software is designed to be user-friendly and can easily be used by even those whose knowledge of DMX and light programming is limited. We offer a unique software, which is free to download from our web site download page. The software is available for Windows and MacOS. All software upgrades are free.




The software contains several views: Editor, Pixels, Live, Stand Alone. Each view has its own dedicated tabs to have direct access to all necessary functions and settings.


Declare your lighting equipment in Editor > Fixtures. The library contains personality files for the most common fixtures (Spots, Bars, Moving heads, Color changer, Strobes, etc ...). This library is regularly updated to stay current with new fixture releases. If the light you are using is not included, it is easy to add and configure new ones. In V8 you are able to re-patch your fixtures without losing previous made scenes and generators.


With Editor > Steps you can create scenes. The view manages many functionality's like:

• DMX values per fixture

• RGB color picker

• Chase step overview and editor

• Time and fade mode per channel

• 2D fixture view

• Fixtures grouping


In Generator, you can build complex lighting scenes within a few mouse clicks, it can handle pan/tilt movements, colors, gobo and effects, for a group of moving lights, with delay effects. It has preset shapes dedicated for dimmers, movements and colors. The V8 generator has several major improvements like:

• Edit your fixture order to create your desired shape over your fixtures

• Possibility to split a multiple pan/tilt fixtures and create shapes within one fixture

• Group RGB / CMY channels within a fixture to easily create a color shape


With Pixels it's easy to create chaser, rainbow, text effects or upload GIFs to use as template for your animated pixel show. Just add your devices with the correct horizontal and vertical pixels assign the color range and position on screen like the real setup. Pixels will do all calculations and generate all DMX values.


In Live, you can play and customize the show depending of your needs (pages, buttons, presets). Buttons can be made for colors, effects movements but can also trigger a complete light scene or timeline multimedia file. While operating in live it's possible to overrule with the Editor. Live in V8 is improved and can also play generator and pixel files.

With 3DView you can display the stage in 3 dimensions and it shows the lights moving in real time, from any point of view. Set stage size and place your objects and lighting fixtures. The program has a bank of basic objects (speakers, truss, music instruments, ...). You can also import your own objects. Set position of each object (or fixture). It is possible to set these parameters on a group of objects. Set textures, luminosity, smoke level for more realism.


Timeline is a synchronized multimedia show editing software. It is able to play multiple file formats (video, picture, audio and light scenes). Drop the files into the timelines and slide them in the desired time. The possible applications are:

• basic –sound and light". The readable audio files are wav, mp3, ogg and wma format.

• –video and light" on plasma screen or video projector. The readable picture files are bmp, jpg, png, giff. The readable video files are avi, mpg, mpeg, mov, wmv.


Overview of the main new features in QDMX V8:

• Fixture based programming, true DMX patching

• Pallets management

• Live can play generator and pixel files directly without first converting to a scene file.

• Master faders in live can either be patched on speed or on dimmer

• Multi RGB / Pan-Tilt fixtures management in Steps and Generator





• Stand Alone: Yes (one scene or chase)

• Operating System : Windows and Mac OSX

• External power supply : USB power adapter 5VDC (not included)

• DMX Connectors: 3-pin

• Weight: 0.2kg

• Size: 4.3 x 3.2 x 1.5in (108 x 80 x 37mm)



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